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The Highlights of the Tower Hill Botanic Garden Worcester

Tower Hill Botanic Garden Worcester

The 171-acre Tower Hill Botanic Garden is located in Boylston, Massachusetts, in the county of Worcester. There are 17 distinct gardens, acres of wooded preserves, and miles of walking trails to explore. Here are some of the highlights of this beautiful Worcester garden. Read on to discover more. To plan your own visit, find out more about the Master Plan and volunteer opportunities. After you’ve read this article, you’ll be ready to visit!

Highlights of Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston

For an amazing day out in Massachusetts, head to the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylson. The 171-acre site offers 17 gardens, miles of walking trails, and preserved woodlands. Plant enthusiasts will enjoy the diverse variety of plants and flowers found throughout the gardens. Highlights of Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston include:

While visiting Tower Hill Botanic Garden, plan to take in the many events, exhibits, and educational programs offered throughout the year. The gardens are home to a variety of rare plants and flowers and are a sight to behold throughout the seasons. Visitors can also look forward to the popular Gnomevember celebration in November and the Holiday Night Lights festival in Winter. This is a perfect place for family fun!

Master plan

A new master plan for the Tower Hill Botanic Garden Worcester will bring a whole new level of public participation and enjoyment to this beloved city garden. The plan will include a new entrance, expanded visitor services, education facilities, and a native woodland garden. The plan will also include an expanded trail system and rotating “gallery gardens,” featuring rare heirloom apple trees. Once completed, the new master plan will be the catalyst for the garden’s next phase of development.

The 174-year-old Worcester County Horticultural Society commissioned Centerbrook to design the architectural additions to the Botanic Garden. While the organization’s origins date back to 1842, the new botanic garden will help them continue the mission of their nonprofit, educational organization. The garden features a year-round display of the best plants in New England. Visitors will also enjoy a rich program and a variety of recreational opportunities.

Cary Award-winning plants

Visitors can experience the beauty of the Boston area by visiting the Tower Hill Botanic Garden, a 171-acre botanical garden in Boylston, Massachusetts. This botanical garden features seventeen distinct gardens, preserved woodlands, and miles of walking trails, and is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. Here, visitors can learn about a variety of plant species that have earned the Cary Award, including ferns, ivy, and hydrangea.

The Cary Award program recognizes exceptional woody plants in New England. Winners are typically easy to grow and maintain, and meet a variety of criteria. These plants are often ideal for gardens in our region because they meet criteria such as winter hardiness, climate adaptability, multiseasonal interest, and pest resistance. The plants are also widely available at local garden centers and can be bought in a variety of sizes, so there’s a variety to suit any budget.


The Tower Hill Botanic Garden is a 171-acre botanical garden located in Boylston, Massachusetts. It features 17 unique gardens, miles of hiking trails, and preserved woodlands. Volunteers are always needed to help the garden maintain its beauty. Whether you love flowers, plants, or even animals, volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and get involved in a unique project. You will be able to learn about various plant species, care for the plants, and even help with educational activities.

There are many volunteer opportunities at the garden, including youth education programs, library research projects, administrative assistance, special events, and Night Lights: Winter Reimagined. The Garden also welcomes corporate and group volunteers. In 2015, there were 143,397 visitors and more than nine hundred membership households. Volunteers at Tower Hill are needed in many different capacities. If you have a green thumb, the Tower Hill Botanic Garden is a great place to start.

Apple orchard

When the Worcester County Horticultural Society bought Tower Hill Farm in Boylston, Massachusetts, the land was large enough to accommodate Davenport’s heirloom apple collection. Volunteers and staff of the WCHS worked together to start the orchard, harvesting scionwood from the old trees and grafting them onto dwarfing rootstock. In addition, the WCHS cultivated the trees’ saplings in a nursery.

The garden is located on an old farm with formal gardens and trails through woodlands. The gardens are distinctly New England in appearance and feel. As the season progresses, employees are hand-weeding the gardens in preparation for spring. While they’re working, they also hand-weed the areas where Mother Nature’s plants have regrown. Tower Hill Botanic Garden CEO Grace Elton says that the organization’s policies are in place to keep staff safe from COVID.

Wildlife refuge pond

For a unique and beautiful day out, visit the 171-acre Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts. The garden includes seventeen distinct gardens, preserved woodlands, and miles of walking trails. Throughout the day, you can enjoy the many different types of plants and animals found within the garden. The views of this 171-acre garden are truly breathtaking. While you’re here, you may also find some of the city’s most beautiful flowers.

The Tower Hill Botanic Garden has been around since the mid-1800s, but it was only in the early 1980s that it became a premier destination. The garden is home to an apple orchard, lemon and orange trees, a wildlife refuge pond, and the Secret Garden. The Garden offers rentals and has an indoor gallery for visitors to enjoy. You can even rent the gardens for events. It also hosts regular concerts and events, and it is also a popular wedding venue.

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